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Essig Bluejays

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State Tournament Participants
4 times

Most Recent State Tournaments
2004, 2006, 2010

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Yearly Records

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Year Wins Losses Pct. Finish
2017 7 15 .318 10th
2016 10 12 .455 6th, American
2015 10 12 .455 3rd, American
2014 8 12 .400 8th
2013 10 12 .455 4th, National
2012 11 11 .500 4th, American
2011 11 11 .500 4th, American
2010 11 11 .500 3rd, National
2009 11 11 .500 3rd, American
2008 12 10 .545 3rd, American
2007 13 9 .591 1st, National
2006 14 8 .636 1st, American
2005 18 4 .818 1st, American

Team Pics


Essig Bluejays
Front (L-R): Kyle Helget, Paul Nelson, Jory Dove, Larry Haala, Kyle Krzmarzick, Jason Schmitz, Ty Sellner, Nate Roeder
Back (L-R): Ryan Weier (Manager), Colton Petron, Javen Munce, David Krzmarzick, Mitch Stueber, Alex Berg, Eric Schiebel, Terry Helget


Essig Bluejays
Front (L-R): Brad Hillesheim, Josh Bauer, Drew Wenninger, Justin Bauer, Jason Schmitz, Sam Hansen, Ty Sellner, Larry Haala, Kyle Krzmarzick, Paul Nelson
Back (L-R): Zach Peterson, Kyle Helget, Mitch Stueber, David Krzmarzick, Mark Giesen, Eric Scheibel, Dusty Fleck, Terry Helget (manager)
Missing: Adam Prochniak, Chris Berg


Essig Bluejays
Front (L-R): Paul Nelson, Ryan Weier, Larry Haala, Drew Wenninger, Kyle Krzmarzick, Ty Sellner, Sam Hansen, Chris Berg
Back (L-R): Terry Helget (manager), Kyle Helget, Mitch Stueber, Mark Giesen, Mike Grossmann, David Krzmarzick, Dusty Fleck, Adam Prochniak
Missing: John Giefer, Josh Bauer


Essig Bluejays
Front (L-R): Larry Haala, Kyle Helget, Drew Wenninger, Josh Hogen, Ty Sellner, Kyle Hague, Darrin Helget, Ryan Weier, Doug Radloff, Mitch Stueber
Back (L-R): Brad Hillesheim, Dusty Fleck, Adam Prochniak, Scott Surprenant, Mike (Fred) Grossmann, Mark Giesen, David Krzmarzick, Paul Nelson, Terry Helget